Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rollings family update

I've had queries from readers who have wondered what our kids are up to, so here's a bit of an update:
Alix moved to Melbourne a few months ago with her lovely man, Tim. We miss them but they've promised to come up and visit us often. Tim and Ali are engaged and the wedding is planned for March next year.
Briony was delighted to welcome home her girlfriend, Barbara, in September. Barbara (aka Bara) is American and she'll be living in Australia for the next year, We're very happy to welcome Bara to the family.
Madhu, 23, has finished his apprenticeship, so is now a qualified tradesman. He heads off with his mates for his third trip to Japan in December.
Haden turned 21 in September. He has recently moved out on his own, though his home is in the next suburb. This week he bought his first car.
Joel has left school. He has a busy schedule with a variety of interesting activities, including swimming and pottery lessons and music group each week.
Sadan and his partner, Jess, welcomed their son Ishaan into the world three weeks ago. Ishaan is absolutely gorgeous ... a very content, easy-going baby and his parents are doing a great job of raising him.
Akil, 16, arrived home from his soccer presentation today with two trophies. He intends trying out for the premier league (under 18s) next year. He still lives and breathes soccer. Akil is a really nice lad, as are all his his mates.
Sabila will be 15 in a couple of months. My baby is no longer a child! Sabi loves hitting the malls with her friends and shopping for clothes or accessories. She's looking forward to being Ali's bridesmaid in March.
Barry and I are loving being grandparents to little Ishaan. Barry has recently retired and has promised to get to work on the many neglected jobs around the house (starting with painting the walls). I now work in a supervisory position in a foster care program, supporting caseworkers and working with children in long-term foster care. The work can be stressful but I'm a member of a great team that offers a lot of support. Life is busy but good :-)


melanie said...

Ishaan is lovely! Congratulations to you all, especially Sadan and Jess. I love the little sneak peep Ishaan takes :)

Danielle Ward said...

This is such an interesting post and what beautiful children you have. We look forward to the continuing story.

Lee said...

Loved your book "Love Our Way", thank you for sharing your family and experiences.

Julia, just wondering if you know about the Korean Adoptee Reunion and the Chinese/Hong Kong Adoptee Reunion? Both being held later this year in their respective countries as I understand.

If you are interested, I can forward to you a contact email address. I myself am a Hong Kong Adoptee and will be attending the Reunion held in Hong Kong along with a number of other Adoptees from Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Canada etc.

Julia Rollings said...

Hi Lee,
I'm delighted you enjoyed our story. Yes, I'd like the information on the Korean Adoptee Reunion (is this different to The Gathering?) Can you please email me on jurol@hotmail.com with contact details.

Ada said...

you and your husband are wonderful people. Your childrens stories have touched my heart.
We need more people like you in this world.
Keep up the good work!
God Bless,

Robyn Bowser said...

Hi Julia,

Thankyou so much for sharing your story. What an inspiring read, I couldn't put it down.
The world needs more people like yourself and Barry.

Kind Regards,
Robyn Bowser

Anonymous said...

I have read your book and may i say it was one of the best books i have ever read. soooo touching. i wish all the best for ur family here and abroad.
Rachael Edwick. - Geelong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia and family
i recently saw you in Melbourne - i was the crazy lady who called from the car 'thank you for the book' as you waited to cross Collins Street! i recognised your daughter first - i was taken by how gorgeous she looked - and then recognised her mum! Indeed, thank you for sharing your family's amazing journey. We have our own amazing journey - our son is from Ethiopia - which continues as the program is currently suspended and we wait (very impatiently) for news. Best wishes

Julia Rollings said...

Hi Anonymous (1 Feb) and thank you for your comment. We all got quite a thrill out of you spotting us on the street and calling out to us :-) I do hope you have some positive news soon on your Ethiopian adoption. All the best, Julia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia
What an amazing story that you have shared. I simply could not put your book down. I wish you and your entire family - here and overseas a very healthy and happy future. Congratulations also to Sadan and Jess and to you and Barry on becoming grandparents. Such an exciting time.

Danielle W said...

Was speaking about you over brekky at a cafe this morning Julia and thought I would catch up on you blog again. What an inspiration you are and how blessed we are to have such wonderful people like you around. Touch base again soon and I'll keep checking in here.

Mervat said...

Dear Julie,

Strolling through our local Target store book shop, my eyes were suddenly transfixed by those two adorable faces on the front of your book "Love our way".

What can I say other than I started reading it last night at 10pm, stopped at 12am only to pick it up again at 3:30am. It did not leave my mind even throughout sleep. And, although I normally speed through books skimming here and there, I lapped up every one of your words.

I will eagerly follow any updates you care to make.

Warmest regards to you and your beautiful family.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................