Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rollings family update

I've had queries from readers who have wondered what our kids are up to, so here's a bit of an update:
Alix moved to Melbourne a few months ago with her lovely man, Tim. We miss them but they've promised to come up and visit us often. Tim and Ali are engaged and the wedding is planned for March next year.
Briony was delighted to welcome home her girlfriend, Barbara, in September. Barbara (aka Bara) is American and she'll be living in Australia for the next year, We're very happy to welcome Bara to the family.
Madhu, 23, has finished his apprenticeship, so is now a qualified tradesman. He heads off with his mates for his third trip to Japan in December.
Haden turned 21 in September. He has recently moved out on his own, though his home is in the next suburb. This week he bought his first car.
Joel has left school. He has a busy schedule with a variety of interesting activities, including swimming and pottery lessons and music group each week.
Sadan and his partner, Jess, welcomed their son Ishaan into the world three weeks ago. Ishaan is absolutely gorgeous ... a very content, easy-going baby and his parents are doing a great job of raising him.
Akil, 16, arrived home from his soccer presentation today with two trophies. He intends trying out for the premier league (under 18s) next year. He still lives and breathes soccer. Akil is a really nice lad, as are all his his mates.
Sabila will be 15 in a couple of months. My baby is no longer a child! Sabi loves hitting the malls with her friends and shopping for clothes or accessories. She's looking forward to being Ali's bridesmaid in March.
Barry and I are loving being grandparents to little Ishaan. Barry has recently retired and has promised to get to work on the many neglected jobs around the house (starting with painting the walls). I now work in a supervisory position in a foster care program, supporting caseworkers and working with children in long-term foster care. The work can be stressful but I'm a member of a great team that offers a lot of support. Life is busy but good :-)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Photos from The Ashram

Sunama, in her new role as cook, prepared a meal for the children and carers at The Ashram.

Sunama and the children outside their new home. The older four are wearing their new school uniforms.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sunama and kids move into The Ashram

Last month, Sunama and the children moved from their village back into the city of Chennai. They are now living at The Ashram, a children's home we visited in 2005. Vidya and her sister-in-law, Malini, supervise the running of the home. Sunama has been employed as the head cook. We hope this will be a positive move for Sunama, who will gain new skills and self-esteem through her new responsibilities.
The five children are now enrolled at a nearby English medium school, so they will become fluent English speakers. That will be a tremendous advantage to them when they grow up and seek employment in their rapidly modernising country. It will also mean we will enjoy a different level of communication with Sunama, Fareeda, Anwar, Zarina, Jaan Basha and Zeenath. Vidya will take photos of the children soon when their new school uniforms arrive, so keep a look out on my blog for new pics.
In the meantime - I would like to send a big "thank you" to all you wonderful people around the world who have sent us, and Sunama, messages of love and support. It means a great deal to us all. We have also seen wonderful generosity from individuals, as well as groups. Earlier this year Melton West Primary School in Victoria held a "non-uniform day" at their school and donated the money their raised to Sunama's family. We have been heartened to receive this kind of support, and when I have told Sunama about the messages people have sent her, she cried.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Foreign Correspondent - ABC - to tell our story on Feb 24th

In November 2008 we spent the first week of our visit with Sunama accompanied by a film crew from the ABC program "Foreign Correspondent".

We have heard from them that our program will go to air on national television in Australia at 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday 24th February. I hope those who have followed our story and read "Love Our Way" will find the program insightful, and that it will help people understand the incredible pain caused by child traffickers.

IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW ... you can watch it online here