Monday, 25 February 2013

And into 2013...

It is hard to believe we are heading into our seventh year since we learned the ugly truth behind Akil and Sabi's adoption, and then searched for and found Sunama. However, when we look at the seven children and how much they've all grown, the passing years are easy to see. Especially in little Zeenath, who is now six but was just a bump in her mother's belly when we found Sunama.

Late last year, a lovely woman phoned me after reading "Love Our Way", as she was heading over to India in the near future. It turned out that she lives in the same suburb as me and generously agreed to carry a parcel for our Indian family while she and her husband travelled. They ended up in Chennai and spent some time visiting our family, and we were delighted to receive updated photos.

All of the children continue to do well in school and take their studies seriously. Anwar is now wearing glasses and looks great in them!  Fareeda also does Bharatanatyam classical Indian dancing and Karate classes.

And on the home front: Akil has graduated from Year 12 and now works as the bar manager at one of the Hogs Breath restaurants in Canberra.  Sabi has started her final year of high school and is working at K-Mart. Both own their own cars (our driveway looks like a car yard!) and are busy enjoying life as young adults. Our older sons and daughters are all busy with their various interests, with the big news being that Briony is having her wedding in the USA in early June and Alix became engaged at her New Year's Eve party.  Life is busy but great fun.