Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mothers Day

A card is on its way to Sunama from Akil and Sabi, with loving messages for Mothers Day and the latest school photo of each. I don't think Sabi's photo will cause a stir but Akil's may well, with his very un-traditional but certainly original hair.

Vidya tells us that Sunama decided to return to her village with Zeenath, now 3 years old, while the older four children remain at The Ashram. They are good students and are achieving decent marks at their English-medium school, and have all recently moved up to the next grade. That is is great news considering Fareeda and Anwar, in particular, had missed a lot of early education.

Sunama visits the children on weekends. As it is now the summer school break in Chennai, the children have all returned home for a month. Sunama keeps herself busy looking after Zeenath, who is now enrolled in the local preschool, and cooks idli for a stall she runs in the village. Having tasted Sunama's cooking, no doubt the food is delicious - we'll all have to try it on our next visit.