Sunday, 13 July 2008

Finding their feet again...

Vidya visited the family in their village following Babu's death. A lot of relatives had travelled to be there. Vidya let me know that Sunama is being quite brave. The family and relatives were visiting for the funeral and would come back to the village for a ceremony that is held forty days later. The children are happy and playing around, and seemed to be coping well with the loss of their father. In many ways the past year has been preparation for that loss, as Babu was severely disabled by his stroke and has been in and out of hospital many times over the past twelve months.
Sunama will have to shift to a new house, as the owner of her current one wants to have it back. Jagan will fix another house for the family, and they will remain in the village.
Vidya also told me she has found an apartment for us to rent when we visit India at the end of the year. Sunama and the children will come and stay with us in this apartment, so we will have a lot of time together. Akil and Sabila are very excited and already making plans about how to spend time playing with their little brothers and sisters.

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Anonymous said...

It is very sad to hear that Babu Died, i hope the family are coping with there loss.
Thank you making me aware of child trafficking with your book, it is shocking to know this still goes on.
i loved reading about your family, your children sound wonderful and it's so nice to read about a family so willing to go out of there way to help another no questions asked, It's very inspiring. Love to you and both your families, will be recommending your book to everyone i meet