Thursday, 18 October 2007

Settling in to village life.

The four older children, Fareeda, Anwar, Zarina and Jaan Basha, have started attending classes at the local village school. Jagan's grandmother is giving the children extra tuition in the afternoons when school is over.

Babu's health continues to be a major concern for all of us. Since he moved to the village he has had to be hospitalised twice, once due to asthma concerns and the other time for several days in an effort to stabilise his high blood pressure. Unfortunately it appears these health issues will continue to cause him problems, so future hospitalisations are highly likely. Although the hospital treatment is free, unfortunately we need to pay for a full-time carer to remain with him as there are not enough nurses to care for the patients. If you do not supply a carer then the patient is not admitted.

Vidya intends driving out to visit the family soon, to see how everyone is.

In the meantime we are continuing to look at fundraising options. Barry's work mates were very generous and after some raffles they donated about $1500 to our Indian family. My colleagues at Marymead Child & Family Centre are now looking at helping us hold a trivia night early next year. Also a major Australian magazine is interested in covering the children's story, and we hope that will generate support for Sunama, Babu and the children.

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